Chicago Great Western Condominiums
Located on the 300 block of Kellogg.

This Row building was built in 1900 and was designed for Chicago Great Western Railroad as a freight house. There are a total of 18 spaces in this building, some residential homes and some businesses. The building features four floors of space. Some of the units were designed as a work/live space, with the first two floors dedicated to work and the upper floors for living. CGW is a very rare find of a building, with some of the most unique living space available in Downtown.

With the current lending practices, it is very difficult to secure a residential mortgage.  This has to do with the precentage of commercial units in the association being too high.  Most lenders are capping commercial units at 20% of a building/association.


There are rarely units available in this building, if the search come back empty, you can always sign up for search saver, or use the "Got a Question" button to the right.

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